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The workflow

Each holiday is made in 3 phases

Let us explain how we can make you better off

1  —


Each different holiday needs laser focused informations, services and experiences. Our pleasure team will assist you with the best specialists

2  —


This is the most crucial moment and painful part of the holiday for the guests when using conventional methods of holiday making. We believe we can challenge the status quo and improve this experience drastically.

3  —


This is the easiest part; basically the only one that works well with the OTAs (online travel agents). We are improving this by also having the services and experiences on the same page.

Our philosophy

Conversational business

One personal travel Angel will take care of you and she will be at reach at any time via WhatsApp. It is like talking to a friend. Friendly, efficient, responsible

Extended holiday eco-system

Many top locations across the globe offering the same services and assistance with villas, services, experiences and more. Same standard. Different locations.

The best tech supporting the human

We want to be very innovative with IT development but the ultimate goal is to empower the human touch and not take its place

The best professional for each target

Each customer is different. We shall offer each guest the professionals who understand the needs of each guest to a T

Easy to reach

Your Angel is listening to you, directly on whatsApp

Say your wish


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